Cian Daly

Hearing Aid Audiologist
  • Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick
Cian joined the practice in 2012 and is Peter and Margaret's son-in-law. He holds an Fd. Sc. in Hearing Aid Audiology with distinction from Aston University, Birmingham. He is certified for Lyric fitting techniques. He also holds BSA Certificates in Otoscopy, Impression Taking and Industrial Audiometry. He further holds a Diploma in Business Administration from A.C.U. University in Texas. He is registered with the Department of Social Protection for Treatment Benefi

Cian At Work

A glance at where you will be tested.

Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick

Working with Equipment

Cian has been applying his class room learning to patients that have volunteered under Peters supervision.

Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick

Learning the testing process

Peter demonstrates to Cian how the audiologist should talk a patient through the various parts of their hearing Assesment.

Hearing Aid Audiology Limerick


Cian is studying the BS.c in Audiology in Aston University.